Roland Trillsam

Roland Trillsam is a lateral entrant to the video business. He was making music, with the band “like Elliot” beforehand. He developed a great sense for what is needed to finish video projects to full client’s satisfaction. Now he manages projects from the initial idea until the very end, constantly checking in with customers. Due to team spirit, communication and competence management of all contributors, every moving picture is essentially unique and custom tailored to the needs of the client. In 2015 Roland started to work with Birgit, and together they founded Brian Gold in 2016.

Founder of Brian Gold
Creative Director

Birgit Reischl

Birgit studied Informationdesign with the major in Multimedia at FH Joanneum in Graz and finished with a Bachelor Degree's. She was always fascinated with moving pictures and animation. In 2016 she founded Brian Gold with Roland Trillsam.

Cofounder of Brian Gold
Head of Visual Effects